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Finding Online University Course

Many people further their education for different purposes. For some, it is to fulfill a dream; others may want it for better job prospects and yet for others, it is just to widen knowledge in a certain field. I too have always been thinking of going for one, and preferably an online course. My reason? To get out of my current industry that seems to be going nowhere. I am not certain I’ll continue to be in demand, meaning I may not get a job.

With so many university courses available, online or not and the uncertainty of it meeting my purpose of better job prospects hinders my steps. What if I graduate couple years later to find the market saturated? I don’t want to spend all that time and money and find myself exactly at where it all begins. I must be sure that my investment can give the return I desire – make more money.

Then I thought, doesn’t it boil down to one purpose? I want more money. Yes, I want to study so that I know more things but I am not filthy rich. I don’t have that luxury. Doesn’t it then make good sense that finding an online university that teaches people how to earn money should be at the top of the list? If this does not convince you, here’s more.

1. The cost is much lower.

Courses in the full-fledge universities easily cost you thousands and even more if you decide to travel overseas but these type of online courses even begin with free information and resources. You don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands for the first payment.

2. The duration is much shorter.

They are very direct and provide training that meets the purpose within weeks or months. There is no obligation and you can quit the course anytime you wish.

3. Personal coaching.

Have you ever wished that your professor or lecturer is able to work with you at a more personal level and offers support whenever you need? This is an important aspect of these courses. They provide 1-to-1 support and coaching and you can feel at ease that you will get help as and when you need.

4. University courses do not guarantee steady job and more income.

A paper does not necessarily bring a steady job and income during this volatile age. Many friends have upgraded themselves spending thousands, sacrificed their time with family but their salary has not increased a single cent from that extra paper. Since there is no guarantee, it is wise to take a bet on something that cost lesser, both in time and cost.

However, just as how you need to study hard in order to get flying results for a course, so you must too. You must not think that they are simple and can be achieved easily. Even for a genius, 99% of it is hard work.

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